Things to Look for when Buying a Keyboard
So, the time has come to purchase your first keyboard. Maybe you aren’t in the position to buy a piano right now. Maybe you’re looking to record your first single. Maybe you’re just looking to pick up a fun hobby. Here are some things to consider when buying your first keyboard.

Touch Sensitivity

Touch sensitivity is incredibly important when buying a keyboard. When a product mentions touch sensitivity, it’s referencing the resistance that the keys put up when played. Keys that offer resistance are called weighted keys. An acoustic piano will always comes with weighted keys, due to the mechanics behind the piano. An electric piano doesn’t rely on these mechanics, thus they don’t require weighted keys. Yet, many classical pieces of music require this resistance in order to be properly played. If you are interested in practicing pieces such as this, you should look for a keyboard with weighted keys.

Manipulating Sound

One of the allures of buying an electric keyboard is the possibilities of sound. Unlike an acoustic piano, an electric keyboard can create a whole array of different sounds. Some models can replicate other instruments. Not only can you play a classic piano, you can play the tones of a guitar, a flute, even the drums! There are some models that house at least 1,000 different tones.

Connecting to A Computer

If you are interested in manipulating your sounds, you need to look for a keyboard that can connect to a computer. The Yamaha ypg 535 comes with a USB cord that will allow your computer to interact with your keyboard. This is helpful for recording and altering music. Be careful, some keyboards do require you to download a corresponding computer program. Always make sure to do your research before you purchase.